Three Just Train Full Body Workouts

March 17, 2019

Thereare different types of workout, and some provide more benefits than others.Full body workouts are among the highly effective exercises anyone can perform.In this piece, we will discuss three full body workouts that providespectacular results fast.

Swing Squats

To dothis exercise, hold a kettlebell or dumbbell by your feet with an outstretchedarm, then take a squatting position while keeping your heels planted firmly onthe floor, your back straight, and your butt pushed behind you. Then, standhalfway up while swinging the dumbbell up, go back to your previous squatposition. Now stand up powerfully while swinging the dumbbell overhead.

Athigh intensity, this exercise will increase your heart rate tremendously with afew reps, making it an effective combination of strength building andcardiovascular exercise.


Instructorsfamously use burpees at boot camps. This exercise is a powerful workout that worksyour full body within minutes, but you need to be extremely focused.

Youstart a burpee from the standing position, then squat down, place your hands onthe floor, and throw your legs behind you. You can also add a push-up if youlike. Next, you kick your legs back to return to the squatting position, thenyou stand and jump with your hands swinging overhead. For advanced trainers,wearing a weighted vest will add more resistance to the exercise.

Usually,burpees are incorporated into bodyweight training but you can do it to giveyour metabolism rate a boost in the morning.

Medicine Ball Slams

Thisis a full body exercise that works the core, upper body, and legs, helping toimprove athleticism and power in these vital parts.

Forthis exercise, all you need is a medicine ball. Pick up a medicine ball, raiseit above your head, and bring down your hands in a powerful swing that slamsthe ball into the ground as hard as you can.

Notethat you may need a secluded part of the gym to practice this exercise becausethe slamming movement creates a loud noise that can distract other gym users.And make sure you don’t have the ball bouncing up and slapping you in the face.

These workouts arepowerful and they don’t require a lot of time to be effective. Try any one ofthem for a stronger body and burn more calories at the least time possible.