There's no discipline without temptation

When diet and exercise is a big part of your daily routine it is inevitable that the words “discipline” and “temptation” will be in your vocabulary. Dieting or clean eating is essential to achieving either weight loss or higher muscle composition. Everyone seems to believe that in order to have dedication you must have no temptation. But, what if we told you that without temptation there is no dedication? Don’t believe us? Well, below are some of the reasons that temptation will help you maximize your dedication.

They go Hand-in-Hand

Without having temptation there would literally be no reason to preach dedication. Having temptation and training yourself to not succumb to it, only enhances how dedicated you will be to your cause. Having temptation, and being able to say “no” trains your mind to get used to outside factors such as salty chips or a big brownie, and not cave. So, without one you would have no reason for the other. Temptation gives you mental dedication.

Cheat Days

The greatest part of a cheat day or a cheat meal is finally being able to eat the most tempting things that you crave. Temptation not only makes those days or meals so much better, but it also helps you stay dedicated throughout the rest of the week. The goal of a cheat day or meal is to train yourself to work your hardest and eat clean, then being able to give yourself a reward for being so dedicated. Instead of having just a little of your temptations every day and instead substituting one cheat day or meal you can achieve your physical goals faster. Temptation gives you mental dedication.

Binge Eating

Due to the fact that people try to stay as dedicated as possible there are those who ignore temptation and cheat meals. Those people try to train themselves to not think about or crave the things that are tempting to them. It doesn’t matter if they go a week, month, or year they run the risk of binge eating. Binge eating can happen during emotional situations. During binge eating, people tend to gorge on tempting goodies without any limits. Not only will this make you feel awful afterwords by slipping in your dedication but could cause sickness as well. Realizing that temptation is a natural part of dedication will help prevent binges. No matter if you are cutting out carbs or just counting your macros, indulging in a little bit of temptation is usually okay. Furthermore, not only does temptation give you mental and physical dedication it can also help in emotional dedication as well.