Superfoods (And Other Healthy Options) To Incorporate Into Your Daily Diet

May 24, 2019

Superfood this, superfood that. We’ve heard it all before! It seems nowadays that anything can be a superfood. However, there is some truth behind some of that hype. A lot of these “superfoods” that have been making headlines are incredibly rich in a multitude of vitamins and can help with weight management. So, if you’re trying to make that next stop towards healthier eating habits, consider incorporating some of these superfoods, and other healthy options, into your daily meals.


This superfood is a low-calorie option that comes with a nutritious punch. At 7 calories per cup, incorporating spinach into your daily diet can help with weight loss, so you can eat as much as you want of it! Cooked or served raw, there are so many ways to include this nutrient rich food into any dish. Eating this on the daily can help with your eye health and boost your immune system. Other benefits include lower blood sugar levels, a healthy digestive system, and a boost in metabolism (thanks to its iron and protein content)!


A commonly consumed fruit, they contain over 20 vitamins and minerals. Its versatility as a fruit make it possible to combine it with a meal or eat as a simple snack. Consuming them on a regular basis can provide you with radiant skin, moisturized hair, and a healthy body! Other major benefits include reduced risk of cancer, improved brain health, a boosted immune system. Try tossing these into salads or cut them up ahead of time for an afternoon snack!

Butternut Squash

While this isn’t considered to be a superfood, it should be considering its antioxidant overload! It can enhance your dish, helping turn it from sweet to savory, or vice versa. It’s rich in Vitamin A, which can help with reducing body inflammation and build a better, balanced immune system. It’s high fiber content can also help with weight management and can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


This fruit is often labeled as a “superfood”. They’re low in calories and have a high nutrition value. Their rich antioxidant properties can help reduce risk factors for various diseases and can contribute to glowing skin. Blueberries also have a high fiber content, which help with lowering bad cholesterol, promote weight loss, and increase satiety. Their sweetness can make it a delicious, healthy topping for oatmeal or cereal while boosting your nutrient intake too.


Zucchini is known for its nutrient-dense content. Incorporating this into your daily diet can help with reducing weight and help boost your nutrient intake. Its vitamin content contains anti-inflammatory properties and can help repair skin damage. Not only that, it can help reduce bad cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels. While it can be eaten raw, it definitely tastes better when cooked! Try tossing sliced zucchinis into pastas or salads when you want an extra boost of nutrients and need a low calorie option.