Spring into Fitness

January 6, 2019

Spring is the perfect time to focus inward and really fine tune your focus on your fitness regimen and on living a healthy lifestyle.Whether you jog a few miles in your neighborhood, do yoga in the park or shoot hoops with your kids in the backyard- it’s very important to get back active in activity outdoors, especially if frigid temps kept you glued to the couch all season.

You want to make sure to not be hard on yourself though- because this may cause you too over do it and you don't want to do that!we all have moments of weakness and periods that when we take a break from the gym. The key is getting back in shape for spring at a steady pace- so you can stay that way well into the summer.

Try These Simple Tips This Spring- They Can Make a Huge Difference

Start Small- I’ve you’ve been sedentary for weeks, ease back into your work routine (consult a doctor if you have to) Make sure you have a stretching regimen that goes along with your routine as well.
Find a way/s too be active everyday- if you find activities that are convenient and that you really love you will find a joy in movement and being active. Even if it’s going for a walk on your lunch break- utilize the good weather for maximum activity!
Eat whole food- if you focus on fueling your body with the right nutritious food- your treating your body well. Try some healthy delicious recipes this spring!
Grab a bike for a ride around town near you- look up biking trails and state parks near you!
Try an outdoor cardio activity such as- aerobic exercise and swimming. Cardio is great for the mind, body, and soul.
Don’t complicate what’s meant to be simple- you can incorporate movement into your routine in many ways, no need to overthink it! If your a parent- find ways to implement outdoor activity for you and your child!

Let’s Get too This Work!

Just-Train Team