Small Steps To A Healthier You

January is coming to aclose, which means that about 80% of people have already fallen short offollowing through with their New Year Resolutions. Why the big number? Thereare various factors, but one of the main ones to consider is this - people setgoals that are way out of their reach or are too difficult to maintain. And asmuch as everyone would like to make meals at home for every meal or drop 50pounds by the summer, time is a huge inhibitor and life likes to throw thingsat us when we least expect it. That being said, why not try and make goals foryourself that are a little bit smaller, and a bit more attainable?


Setting smaller goalsfor yourself can actually lead to higher success rates. Why? Because they’reeasier to gauge and are actually within arm’s length. When you’re setting agoal to cook at home for every meal of the week, you may forget the time,money, and effort that’s required of that. And if you’re able to do that, thengreat! It’s important to be realistic though with what you want, versus whatyou’re actually capable of. When you’re failing to achieve these bigger weightgoals you planned out, it discourages you to keep trying. However, when you’reaccomplishing these smaller goals you’ve set for yourself, you’re more likelyto feel better about yourself and feel encouraged to keep working towards abigger goal in the end.


Here’s what some ofthese smaller goals can consist of:


-Commit to exercisingfor at least 30 minutes, five out of seven days of the week, whether it’s justgoing for a walk around your neighborhood or even jump roping in your livingroom. You can get really creative with this!


-Taking the stairsinstead of the elevator. It may seem like a really small goal but it’s a nicestep to working towards a healthier you.


-Swap out sugary drinkslike soda, fancy coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages, and also fruity drinks forjust plain old water. Things like this can easily throw you off your healthkick if you’re not careful. If you really need something to ease you off thesugar, try using using lower calorie/zero sugar options like lemons, simplesyrup, or honey.


-This doesn’t even haveto be a goal, but if you’re wanting to be more health conscious, ALWAYS readnutrition labels. Food items that are marketing as “healthy” can sometimesactually carry high amounts of sodium, sugar, or calories. The factors alwaysvary but it’s something to be mindful of.


-Plan ahead for meals.While it might be difficult to plan for meal of the week, you can at least tryand aim for planning a simple, healthy lunch for the week. Try picking one mealof the week you can focus on and work your way up towards planning for everymeal of the week.


-Get more rest. Ifyou’re never getting enough sleep and you’re wanting to fix your sleepingschedule, try and aim for going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Thisway you can ease yourself into falling asleep earlier and earlier, and notaiming for something unrealistic like going to bed at 10pm instead of 2am theday you set the goal.