Simple Fall Fitness

We are now 3 months out from the new year- and what better time to readjust your habits, and redefine what results you really would like to see before the new year. Fall is a great time to start re-adjusting your fitness habits or start a fitness program, it will help you create and maintain good habits for the holiday season. With this change of season you can renew and really hone in on the necessary changes that need to happen over these 3 months. Below are some ways to help you transition smoothly:

Sign up for a Challenge such as our Just-Train 28 Day Challenge which starts November 1st and ends on November 28th- Finding a challenge that suits you is very important, and will keep you engaged and committed. Our challenge has step by step guidelines and videos for at home or in gym workouts along with customized meal plans for all diet preferences. This challenge is ideal because all fitness levels are welcomed!
Take Advantage of the Fall Weather- Now that things have cooled down a little, it would be the perfect time for outdoor exercises in the cooler temperature. Grab a friend and go walking on a park trail, run to your favorite coffee shop in the morning, cycling in the Autumn breeze will keep your heart rate up, or taking a hike on your favorite mountain. The options are unlimited!
Restore & Renew- Fall is a great time too rejuvenate yourself from all the summer action. Take care of yourself in other ways other than working out this fall, incorporating wellness into your routine will keep you focused and hopefully stable during the transition of seasons. Try mediation, hit a yoga class with a friend, get a massage after a workout, or try an adult coloring book.
Redefine your motivation- People are motivated by many things, but it’s sometimes easy to forget those motivating factors after sometime. This fall take time to get centered and figure out what will motivate you to stay focused for the rest of the year. Maybe try an accountability workout partner or trainer to help you stay focused and to assist you with achieving those goals you made back in January!
Try New Recipes- Take this change in season as a time to really explore in the kitchen. With days ending sooner, take your down time to explore different ingredients and recipes your interested in and that fit the season. (Vegan Chilli would be a great one to try!)  This will also be a perfect time to get back into meal prepping if you ate out a lot over the summer.

Happy Fall!

- Just Train Team