Keeping Yourself Motivated

May 17, 2019

Often times, we can find ourselves unmotivated to follow through with our goals. This can be due to a multitude of factors. There’s one thing you should absolutely know though when it comes to motivation - and it’s that you can’t wait for something to motivate you. Motivation stems from action. Whether your goal is big or small, you can make motivation for yourself through any actions you take.

Here are some tips to spark some action, get you motivated, and keep you motivated!

Have A Clear Goal And A Reason For It

Sometimes we find ourselves jumping into things without even considering the “how” or “why” part. Before you jump into anything, take a second to really understand why you want to accomplish something, and how you’re going to accomplish it. No matter if it’s short or long term, having a clear plan for your goal can help you stay motivated.

Provide Action Steps

Sometimes when your goal is following through the way you’d like, it can feel overwhelming and even create a sense of discouragement. This can be prevented by making small action items, or steps, that are measurable and specific. If you’re wanting to become more physically active, start taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and parking farther away in a parking lot from the entrance of a store. Or, if you’re wanting to improve your eating habits, start meal planning. Having action steps that are specific and measurable can make it easier for you to keep track of your progress and make you feel like you’re actually accomplishing something - thus, keeping you motivated.

Create Checkpoints

When you aren’t seeing the results fast enough, it’s easy to find yourself feeling discouraged. Instead of focusing on your progress on a day-to-day basis, or evenly weekly, consider doing lengthier periodic checkpoints. These checkpoints can be every few weeks, months at a time, or whatever best suits you. It’s easier to see growth and learn a new habit when you give yourself a reasonable and realistic amount of time to do so. Things take time!