How To Stop Late Night Overeating

It’s a bad habit that some of us have, especially the night owls who tend to stay up late!
Late night overeating can be a major issue if you’re trying to lose weight. When we eat
late at night, our body is not using the energy to burn calories as it thinks we’re going
into sleep mode since it’s nighttime. And when that happens, we’re easily sneaking on
pounds here and there. Here are some tips to stop this bad habit!
Go to Bed Earlier
If you’re asleep, you literally will not be eating late. Going to bed earlier though doesn’t
mean going to sleep at 10pm and not 2am anymore. Just try going to bed earlier than
you usually do so you avoid those late night cravings. If you have a hard time falling
asleep, try leaving all electronics out of your room, or put them on do not disturb mode.
Make sure your room is set at a comfortable temp and that there’s nothing else keeping
you up.
Eat a More Filling Dinner
Sometimes when we’re still hungry after a meal, it’s probably because we didn’t eat
enough or eat the right things. If you’re eating A LOT and still not feeling full, maybe try
upping your protein and vegetable intake
Keep Food Out of Sight
After dinner, it’s time to close up the kitchen. Immediately put everything away and shut
it down. We’re more tempted to eat something if it’s in our line of sight, especially when
we’re sitting on the couch just watching TV. It’s natural to just quickly snack on
something so make sure you clean everything up before leaving the kitchen. Don’t fall
into that temptation!
Have a Low-Calorie Snack
While we should avoid eating late a night, it’s also important to not starve yourself. A
low-calorie late snack will not do really damage as long as you’re watching the calories.
If you’re really hungry, try fruits, veggies, hummus, or greek yogurt!