Fat Loss

January 6, 2019

Summer is right around the corner and we all are gearing up for our 2018 summer bods!

But for some of us, that summer body feels out of reach because of the excess fat we may be currently carrying. Fat loss is a complex problem- but that’s why we are here to assist you on your fitness journey! The Just-Train Team has come up with tips to maintain a low body fat for the summer and to lower the excess body fat for others.


Exercise at least 5 hours/week or 30 minutes/day (The Just-Train App is a great tool to utilize in your exercise practice)
Get adequate amounts of sleep (6-8 hours)
Eat whole and unprocessed foods at regular intervals
Stay aware of physical hunger/fullness cues ( don’t starve yourself or over indulge!)
Also, try to stay away from extreme dieting- results normally don’t last long or stick
Stay consistent with your habits
Incorporate non-exercise physical activity (Grab a friend and go out dancing!)

I know-  getting re-motivated and using the above steps can be easy for some, but some of you may be feeling more overwhelmed at this moment. Below I have included more factors that are associated with lower levels of body fat- these tips can also help you get ready for summer in a timely fashion without stressing out.

Green Tea
Apple Cider Vinegar
Avoiding Refined Carbs
Adequate Hydration
Regular Exercise/Movement
A supportive network/ friends
Low Energy Density Foods

Stop worrying, enjoy your journey and stay positive- you are not alone!

If you increase physical activity and nutritious food intake, your metabolism will increase and it won’t be long before your on the beach with the body you worked hard for!

Blaming weight gain on calories and complaining without solutions will only get you further from your fitness goals. The diet isn’t the only cause of excessive body fat levels- Rather, it’s the entire lifestyle. Just-Train your mind and your body will follow!

-Just Train Team