August Blog

You might have been working out all summer and acquired some injuries. During the recovery period for injuries we often lose focus on a vital part of the healing process- nutrition.  An important point to consider is the quality of nutrition can affect the recovery process.

Since we are unable to train after significant injuries that either require surgery or at minimum a cast, gaining muscle mass is a foregone conclusion.

However there are ways to limit the destruction of losing strength during the recovery period.

“Athletes need to try and maintain their weight as best as possible during the early stages of their recovery,” says Brett Singer, certified sports dietitian for Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute. We need to make sure we don’t gain or lose too much weight during this time.

When it comes to bone or cartilage repair the typical healing process can be up to three months which includes rehabilitation services.

But, if we make sure our nutrition is well balanced and managed during an injury period- we may be able to retain some strength.  

Keeping one’s daily regimen of fruits, vegetables, and especially protein will help against the natural process of losing muscle mass during this inactive period.  

Stick with a routine no matter what happens- Just Train the mind, and the body will follow.

  • Just Train Team