4 Ways To Try Vegetarianism

March 26, 2019

4 Ways To Try Vegetarianism

Unlike veganism, going vegetarian can be a much easier lifestyle to change and adjust to. The only hard part is adjusting to not eating any animal products. However, for every animal product you eat, there is absolutely something that can easily be substituted for it.

There’s been a huge rise in people going vegetarian in the past few years. Some do it for health reasons, some do it for environmental reasons, and some do it just because. Either way, if you’re wanting to try it out for yourself, here are a few ways you can feel out the vegetarian lifestyle.

Try to go meatless one day out of the week

Going meatless one day out of the week takes off the pressure of having to go completely meatless, and you can even have a little fun with it. There are various recipes across the internet that are vegetarian friendly to choose from. As you continue to go meatless once a week, you’ll eventually learn how easy it can be to eat vegetarian and how you can make a filling meal that doesn’t always have to include meat.

Replace meats with substitutes

Surprisingly, for every animal product, there is a meatless substitute. Did you know that cauliflower can be used as a substitute for crab in crab cakes? Everyone seems to think that going vegetarian means all you eat is tofu. However, that is not the case. There are various meat substitutes that come in the form of tempeh, pea protein, black beans, and various other plant based proteins. The crazy thing is some substitutes even have the same taste and texture as real meat. Try swapping out meat burgers with black bean patty burgers! Don’t be afraid to expand your mind on what you can substitute meat with.

Cut out red meat first

This is typically the first type of meat people tend to cut out first when they ease into vegetarianism. Even though red meat is high in protein, it’s also high in unhealthy fats that contribute to increased levels of the bad cholesterol, which can lead to future heart problems. If red meat is too hard for you to cut out though, try considering a different kind of meat to cut out!

Try a vegetarian restaurant

If you have a friend who’s a vegetarian, why not grab lunch with them at one of their favorite vegetarian places? They can give you recommendations and guide you through the do’s and don’ts of what’s good. And if you don’t know anyone who is vegetarian, invite a friend to go try a vegetarian restaurant with you. Immersing yourself in new territory like this may actually leave you feeling inspired to recreate a dish you enjoyed at home.