3 Just Train Workouts for Killer Abs

January 20, 2019

Most health conscious people would love to have sexy bodies complete with ripped absand chunky biceps. But the sacrifice and time required to build the abs putmany people off. However, there are amazing workouts that can give you the absthat you crave.

Theabs play an important role in our bodies, as they are essential for stability,protect organs and the spine, and provide strength for lifting heavy weights.The abs are made up of a network of muscle groups known as the rectusabdominus, transverse abdominus, and obliques. To get those six packs, you needto work the muscles groups that make up the abdominals. Here are three amazingworkouts to help you build spectacular abs

Abs Wheel

Thisexercise is one of the best abs building workouts, but it can be difficult forpeople who have weak backs. However, the results are excellent if you are upfor it.

Forthis workout, you will need a mat to kneel on or wear knee pads to protectthem. While on your knees, hold the abs wheel before you with your elbowsextended a little. Now, you roll out the wheel away from your body as far as comfortable.Then use your abs to draw it back towards you. Remember, use only your abs todraw back the wheel.

Bicycle Crunches

Withthis workout, you will be banging your abs like crazy. It’s an imitation ofriding a bicycle, and that’s why it is called the bicycle crunch. The workoutrequires no equipment as you will be training with your body weight asresistance. But if you feel the weight the resistance is low; you can add someweight to your legs or ankles.

Toperform the bicycle crunch, you will lie down on the ground or a flat surfacewith your hands placed behind your head, but make sure your hands are notlocked to prevent your hands from pulling up your head during the exercise.Then, raise your shoulder blades with your abs, as you do in a crunch. Now,raise your knees up till they are bent with your calves parallel to the ground.Slowly, begin to pedal your legs just like you do when you are riding abicycle. Compress your abs with every row of your legs by bringing up yourknees to your elbows.

Duringthe workout, make sure your breathing is normal, and continue to hold up yourshoulders with your abdominals. This way, you ensure you reap the full benefitsof the workout.


Despitebeing formidable abs building workout, the clothespin is essentially a fullbody workout with a strong emphasis on the abs.

Forthis exercise, lay on the floor with your legs fully extended. Take asemi-seated posture and contract your abs. Now, elevate your legs till theyattain 45-degree angle. Hold this position while still contracting yourabdominals and try to touch your chins. Then slowly reverse to the startingposition with full control.

Thesethree workouts are powerful for building perfectly sculpted abs when youperform them regularly. However, you should also include some backstrengthening workouts because your back provides support and is essential formany other workouts.